15. Aug, 2022

B.Z. discovers Bamsegjengen

It rarely happens that football fanclubs get to read about themselves in a daily newspaper. Hence the big surprise when friends in Berlin shared B.Z.'s Sunday pre game story with us here in Norway: It featured Julian, his Bamsegjengen link, an interview with Rune, included a photograph of 'el Presidente' and Julian, and presented our fanclub's name to the world (or at least to the B.Z. readers).

The story to the article started when Rune attended the public training exercise at Alte Försterei ahead of the cup game in Chemnitz. Amongst the 150 or so fans (see article / picture Berliner Kurier 27.7.) watching the players sweat was Matthias Koch, a known Berlin journalist. He was intrigued by the Bamsegjengen shirt and impressed when Julian went over to Rune for a 'family chat' in Norwegian. The following interview with Rune resulted in Sunday's article. The article puts our official birth year to 2017, the year before Julian joined Union, and provides us with a 5 year anniversary that we have not celebrated yet. So let's do that on August 27 at Bohemen when we meet to watch the Schalke away game!

For the full B-Z. article see https://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin-sport/union-berlin/unions-norweger-ryerson-hat-seinen-eigenen-fanclub