19 May, 2024

Super-weekend, Bamsegjengen attending Pokalsieg!

Another report from Arnfinn Kjos Eduardsen

5 May, 2024

What should have been a perfect Sunday at AF

It was a Sunday in May and matchday in Köpenick.

24. Oct, 2022

Peter's interview with Bundesliga weekly provides the ground for this profile presentation of one of our founding members

9. Oct, 2022

First hand Bamsegjengen feedback from our second stop in Europe this year leaves us with mixed feelings

5. Sep, 2022

With Unions game vs Union St. Gilioise in sight, a nerd question needs to be answered.

19. Aug, 2022

Registering as EUFC means a lot to us - and quite a lot of work too

10. Jul, 2022

Today's article touches a typical pre-season question: Is it possible to predict the outcome of the upcoming Union season based on the outcome of matchday 1?

25. May, 2022

Monday Bohemen had unexpected business when Bamsegjengen hosted its post-season party with Julian Ryerson as celebrated gang member

18 May, 2024

Grande Finale at Alte Försterei

Report from Arnfinn Kjos Eduardsen

25. Nov, 2022

An early summary of football year 2022 and outlook to the next Bamsegjengen family trip in January

21. Oct, 2022

Glorious Union victory at the 116th anniversary of the Köpenickiade

13. Sep, 2022

An incredible Sunday was crowned with Union's view from the top

27. Aug, 2022

Great party at Hauptmann added something special to victory day over RB

15. Aug, 2022

Sunday's B.Z. pregame Union story brought Bamsegjengen to the broader attention of its readers - thanks to Matthias Koch and a training visit at Alte Försterei

3. Jul, 2022

While living is easy there is always a game to watch with Bamsegjengen at Bohemen

18. May, 2022

A magic day with Bamsegjengen at Alte Försterei