21. Oct, 2022

Unions Köpenickiade continues…

116 years ago, on October 16th, 1906, the unemployed shoemaker Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt dressed up as an officer of the Prussian Army, rounded up a number of soldiers under his "command" and "confiscated" more than 4,000 Reichsmark from the municipal treasury at Köpenick Town Hall. The event, now called Köpenickiade, gave him fame and a bronze stature right where it all happened.

Those of us watching Union play Dortmund at Alte Försterei on the same day 116 years later might have had similar feelings when Haberer ‘stole’ the first goal, leading our team to an unchallenged 2:0 victory over the former mighty Dortmund. Spitzenreiter! Not only today, but also after next weeks game due to a 4 point lead over Bayern! That makes us not only the team from the East of Germany with the most days on top of Bundesliga (surpassing Hansa), but we are also the ONLY team that never went down a place after reaching the top 😉. Lets enjoy Unions Köpenickiade for as long it lasts!

Bamsegjengen was present with a dozen members or so in and around Hauptmann and Stadium that beautiful late "summer day" in Köpenick - perfect game, great party with friends, and more than one beer (shower). Remarkable was also that Bundesliga TV seemed to have caught interest in us when interviewing Peter later that evening, including the idea to potentially visit us in Oslo/Bohemen for a story about Bamsegjengen. A historical day in many ways.