19. Aug, 2022

'Eingetragener Union Fanclub' application documents arrived - now it's getting serious

Months of waiting ended this week when Sven Mühle of the Union fan support looked at our case and sent over the registration forms. Thanks Mühle! Completing these dosuments requires quite a lot of work from people who are not used to German ‘Gründlichkeit’. We now need to put into writing what earlier has been communicated via WhatsApp, SMS or over a beer at Bohemen or Alte Försterei. Same with our founding date, which collective memory identified as November 4th, 2017 (St. Pauli away game live at Bohemen Sportspub). The requirement of at least 75% registered Union members amongst a minimum of 15 fanclub members is a real commitment hurdle for an ‘Exile’-fanclub such as ours. That’s why we are very proud to have passed that milestone some time ago. And we are happy to adopt further Union members with strong ties to Norway into Bamsegjengen (e.g. living / working here) who are interested in joining our communication platforms (in Norwegian) and enjoy our match day culture at Bohemen, Alte Försterei or wherever we travel for and with Union. Eisern!