25. Nov, 2022

Thanks to all for a fantastic year with Union!

Let us hope the journey continues in 2023, both for Union and for us. As a heads-up, our next ‘all-hands game’ for Bamsegjengen will be the trip to Olympiastadion on January 28th. Many of us have already booked flight tickets to Berlin before even knowing if match tickets are available. The game day meeting point will be as in the past the ‘Preussisches Landwirtshaus’ outside S-Bhf. Olympiastadion – with or without ticket. More to that next year. Until then you all hopefully enjoy the great games in Regionalliga or League 1/2, follow the likes of Lichtenberg 47, Chemie Leipzig, Cambridge United or Leyton Orient, and join the friendlies vs Hansa and St. Gallen at AF or potentially at Bohemen if streamed there. Eisern!

Not sure who of you watched the documentaries about Union’s amazing football year 2022, with the UNVEUROPA documentary being the last in line. While going from victory to victory it is difficult to realize what Union actually achieved. Watching all these year-end documentaries helps to understand that 2022 was a year in which the boldest Union dreams came true. It also was an amazing year for Bamsegjengen: We doubled membership numbers and facebook group members, became a little more ‘diverse’ (now including 4 women, a Swedish passport holder, an age range from 15 to 76), welcomed Julian Ryerson as part of Bamsegjengen, and submitted our registration request to become an ‘Eingetragener Union Fan Club (EUFC)’. We also increased Bamsegjengen awareness through regular presence at AF, Hauptmann pre-/post-game, and via media coverage (Bundesliga TV, BZ). Of course Julian helped when presenting our fanclub-scarf to the masses after the last game in May. Beside the scarf, our fan club merch now includes shirt, sticker, and button, which are seen across Oslo, Berlin, and many other places. Even the documentary UNVEUROPA gave us 3 seconds of glory – check out minute 41:30 (and above picture).